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We help innovative and high growth companies build teams. We’re different from recruiters. We actually know what we’re talking about + how to talk to people. Honestly + authentically. Think of us as an On-Demand Talent Strategist who's part of your team.

You design the service you need: maybe it’s just an advert copy + screening the response, maybe it’s a deep search for passive talent or perhaps you’d like us to help you set-up your own hiring systems + help you hire an internal talent manager.

Whatever it is, we’ll provide the service you need without all the fluff.  We work in partnership with you in an open and transparent way, ensuring you’re represented in the employer market exactly how you want to be.   


Wear flashy suits, drown you in irrelevant CV’s, pretend we know our industry & talk nonsense, have bad hair, stick you on a database for a monthly sales call, ruin your company’s name in the sector we're hiring for OR work with people we think aren't great bosses.


 “People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you make them feel”

In today’s competitive hiring markets, creating and delivery a truly brilliant candidate experience for anyone interacting with the business is an essential step to hiring the best people. Done right, you’ll have an army of walking advertisements for working at your company, within the sector you work. Eventually, they’ll come and knock and your door...  

It’s an art, backed by science...

We use all the latest methods and technologies to search out the right engineer, designer or manager for your business.  Together with these scientific methods, working with each community, both online and offline, and using our extensive networks throughout the sectors we work in. Most of out great people come to us as referrals from our network. That’s probably where you're next hire will come from, if you work with us. 

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Sensible Pricing 

We charge by the hour, not a 20% fee or a five figure invoice. This typically saves you more than 75% on traditional recruitment fees.  Plus, as you can ‘pick + mix’ which services you want, you only pay for what you need. 

MEET THE BOSS: Rebecca Martinez

What we don't do : wear flash suits, have bad hair, drown you in irrelevant CV’s, pretend we know we are industry &  talk nonsense, stick you on a sales database for a monthly phone call, ruin your company’s name in the sector we're hiring for..
Or work with people we think aren't great bosses. 


Some people call us recruiters.. but we hate that. We might do a similar job but we are different (Hell yes..). Think of us like a management consultants who specialise in talent + culture; who can be an on-demand resource for your team when you need it.

Start-up Recruitment – Technical Talent Sourcing  – Referencing & Offer Management – UX Recruitment – Engineering Recruitment – Talent Strategy – Employer Branding Advice – Hiring Process Design